Radiometric Survey

Survey or radiometric mapping means the set of actions carried out to identify the sources or contaminated materials that can accidentally end up among the materials, and for the purpose of managing any findings.

The radiometric survey can be undertaken after an incident.

We can carry out the assessment of the radioactive contamination dispersion in the environment, bearing in mind the dispersion and dilution phenomena, such as percolation and washing, and biomagnification.

We continuously work with companies that treat WEEE, that collect and register scrap, importers of semi-finished metal products, producers of “end of waste” metal materials, and foundries, steelworks and waste incinerators.

LBS offers a turnkey service for the management of such issues,

the EQ service, the interface with competent authorities, the drafting and management of the necessary documentation, the samples taken, the measurements and the tests, and also the drafting of intervention plans.

Field inspections, collecting information, measuring physical and chemical parameters, measuring beta/gamma and alpha contamination, measuring dose values and gamma spectrometry measurements define the database of a Survey/Radiological mapping, and we add coordinate GPS coordinates and a sampling network to this data.

LBS Servizi's technical/scientific sensitivity and experience allows us to provide

a functional integration of data. Nobody can claim to have the experience of LB Servizi staff in the National and International field. An integration and functional interpretation of the data is necessary to improve safety for staff and the population, but also to optimise interventions and avoid pointless work and subsequent services, saving considerable time and expense. The added value that we offer lies in the efficiency and practicality of our Survey.