Characterisation Laboratory

Radioactive contamination may be caused by various natural and anthropic-origin radionuclides.

  • Artificial Radionuclides: direct or indirect products of the anthropic use of radioactivity;
  • Natural Radionuclides (NORM – Normally Occurring Radioactive Material): radioactive isotopes widely present in the environment in varying concentrations in the soil, water, air, plants and animals;
  • TENORM – Technically Enhanced NORM: natural radioactive isotopes that, further to technological intervention or industrial production methods, become concentrated, forming a risk to human health.

To address this demand and requirement aimed at identifying and quantifying radioactive contamination, LBS has developed and implemented advanced measurement techniques that make it able to obtain a full Radiological Characterisation of any matrix of interest. The integration of test process with European and Italian Laboratories have created a unique centre in Italy that can rapidly provide any type of radiological and radiochemical test, using accredited methods.

From gamma emitters to Plutonium, from Uranium to 3H, from 63Ni to 14C, from 55Fe to 210Po we can guarantee testing for any radionuclide, however difficult the test is. Also, thanks to the state-of-the-art instruments at its disposal, LBS can provide in situ measurements on metal scrap, nuclear waste, work environments, sites contaminated by anthropogenic radionuclides, sites affected by the presence of NORM and TENORM.