What is accreditation
«Certification by a national accreditation body that certifies that a given compliance assessment body meets the criteria established by standardised regulations, and, where appropriate, any other supplementary requisite, including the ones set out in the relevant sector programmes, to carry out a specific compliance assessment activity» REG (EU) No. 765/2008.

Both at national and international level, users require increasing guarantees of the quality and safety of goods and services purchased, that producers and suppliers are called upon to guarantee in observance of legislative requirements and to face the competition in increasingly complex markets.

​With an inspection report on its own laboratory test, the supplier can prove to the client that it operates in compliance with international standards and other specific instructions regarding its field of activity.

Only accredited test laboratories can provide the market (business, P.A., consumers) with reliable, credible results that are accepted on an international level.

​ACCREDIA is the sole national accreditation body appointed by the Italian government as the only recognised body for certifying the competence of Test Laboratories.

​In July 2017, ACCREDIA recognised LB Servizi as being compliant with the requisites of the standard UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005 “General requisites for the competence of Test and gauging laboratories”.

In May 2020, LB Servizi successfully updated to the standard 17025:2018.

The awarded accreditation certifies L.B. Servizi per le Aziende Srl’s technical competence in conducting the tests:

  • UNI EN ISO 9698:2019
    Water– Concentration of Trizio activity: (10 – 1000 Bq/l)
  • ​UNI 11665:2017
    Food, Waste, Soil, Liquids, Water, Solids – emitter range of Radionuclides: (40 – 2000 keV, MAX 1000 kBq)
  • ISO 13164-4:2015
    Potable water – Radio-222 (RN-222): (1 Bq/l – 1000 Bq/l)
  • ​ISO 11704:2019
    Non-saline waters – total alpha activity, total beta activity: Alpha: 0.04 – 1000 Bq/l; Beta: 0,2 – 1000 Bq/l
  • ISO 13165-1:2013
    Non-saline waters – Radio-226 (RA-226): Alpha: 0.04 – 1000 Bq/l
  • ​IEC 62387:2020 (EC RP 160:2009)
    Film Detectors – Equivalent of personal and environmental dose;Hp(10), Hp(0,07), H*(10) (Hp(10), Hp(0,07), H*(10): 0.1mSv – 1Sv)
  • UNI ISO 11665-4:2020
    Excluding par. 6 “Average concentration of radon gas activity in the air” – Electro detectors – (100 – 2500 kBq*h/m3);
  • UNI ISO 11665-4:2020
    Excluding par. 6 “Average concentration of radon gas activity in the air” – SSNTD – CR39 – (100 – 3000 kBq*h/m3);
  • UNI ISO 7503-2:2016
    Measurement and assessment of surface radioactive contamination using a Smear Test ( 0,01 – 100,00 Bq/cm2 (Sr90-eq) 0,1 – 100,00 Bq/cm2 (Am-241-eq);
  • UNI EN ISO 19017:2017
  • Unconditioned raw waste materials, including process materials (resins, control bars, scrap, etc) and materials coming from dismantling and decommissioning;conditioned waste materials in various shapes and forms (bitumen, cement, hydraulic binders, etc); Different shapes and appearances: cylinders, cubes, parallelepipeds etc)
    Gamma-emitting radionuclides (50 – 2000 keV).
  • ISO 21644:2021
    Solid recovered fuel – Biomass concentration – Carbon 14 : (0,01 – 1000 Bq)
  • UNI EN 16640:2017
    Solid and liquid organic matter – Biomass concentration – Carbon 14 : (0,01 – 1000 Bq)


How it is possible to check from the databank that can be consulted on the website To date, LB Servizi is the sole Italian operator to have been awarded a certification of competence by the sole national accreditation body for all the tests specified above.