TL Dosimetry

TL Dosimetry has been confirmed for several years as a valid alternative to Film Dosimetry.

The thermoluminescent dosimeter (LBSTL) guarantees an accurate evaluation of ionising radiation exposure, using state-of-the-art procedures and equipment.

The outer wrapping is thin, knock and weather proof and perfectly symmetrical. Thanks to the small size of the sensitive material, this method is also indicated for extremity dosimetry and lens dosimetry.

​LBS supplies dosimeters enclosed in outer wrapping that can be cold sterilised by immersion in bactericide liquids.



χ, β, γ and e ionising radiation exposure assessment, optimal use for extremity dosimetry.


  • Automatic data reading and acquisition system;
  • Drastic reduction of incorrect dosage attribution risk;
  • High measurement sensitivity;
  • Negligible fading in one month;
  • Possibility of sterilising dosimeters by immersion in bactericide liquid;
  • Possibility of personalising the data carried on the identification labels.

Technical specifications

Sensitive material: LiF (Mg, Cu, P) – GR 200 A
minimum detectable dose: 30 µSv
Linear range: 10 µSv – 10 Sv
Energy dependency: photons, 30 keV – 3 MeV <20%
Interval of use for radiation e: 400 keV – 3 MeV