Environmental Monitoring

A Nuclear Medicine department, a Radiopharmacy Laboratory, a disused industrial site or areas subjected to waste disposal may require the start up of  Environmental Monitoring.

Determining the possible presence of radioactive pollution, identifying possible contaminants and quantifying them or simply guaranteeing that there is not dispersion of radioactivity into the environment.

There may be various radioactive contamination sources that affect industrial sites and abandoned areas in various parts of the country Using radioactivity in industry and healthcare has, in fact, led to the production and commercialisation of many devices and products containing radioisotopes that have not always been subject to correct disposal procedures. Even industrial processes containing natural radionuclides can generate residues and waste where the concentration levels of radioactivity can be considerably high and therefore be sources of environmental and radiological risk.

Identifying the radionuclides involved, the nature of the radionuclides themselves and their physical state (solid, liquid or gas) decisively influence the carrying out of the investigation: collection protocols, the choice of measurement techniques to be used, and the overall evaluation criteria depend on it, in fact.

Thanks to the full complement of instruments, integration with laboratory services and in situ and the presence of sector experts, LB Servizi is able to:

• Define the sampling plan for the site of interest;
• Define a suitable radiological monitoring plan, choosing correct analytical techniques;
• Carry out in field and in laboratory measurements;
• Provide the overall assessment of the contamination levels found in the investigated site;
• Carry out the dosimetric evaluation for workers and the population involved.
• Design a control network
• Assist in all the interfaces with the competent authorities