Environmental Samples

LB Servizi’s sampling services are not only defined by the collection of samples to analyse, but come under themodes and philosophy that LB Servizi has always aspired to: leave nothing to chance, define a process from the outset, optimise times and costs for the Client, above all give your clients a solid, reliable answer.

A sampling plan, even a simple one, will be developed for each client.

The technical, scientific and statistical bases on which it will be developed will reassure the Client about the representativeness of the analytical result that LB Servizi Laboratory provides.

Sampling methods, packaging methods, transfer and storage of the sample

will also be defined according to good practice and good technique rules.

Whether a dump or a nuclear plant, an Oil and Gas plant or an environmental sample, LB Servizi’s approach will always be based on technical and scientific foundations and aimed at optimising subsequent processes.