Dosimetry management

During and outside working hours, it is always possible to consult all dosimetric data managed by L.B. Servizi online. LBS has an advanced computer system, with relative databank, for the online consultation of all data which may be of use to the client.

It is user friendly and can be accessed via the internet: it is not necessary to install any application on the client’s PC. All that is required is any browser (e.g. Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer etc).
Compatibility is guaranteed with any operating system the Client uses.

Access is via internet connection protected by Login and Password, reserved for the Commissioning Client’s structure and allows the following functions to be available 24/7, 365 days a year:

  • Access with different authorisation levels, according to indications received from the Commissioning Client’s structure: it is possible to request several authorisation profiles with access to different sections (e.g. Qualified Expert, Authorised Medical Officer, Dosimetry Management Officer, simple viewing of dosimetric data, etc);
  • dosimetric response archive, including any indications about the Film badge dosimeter exposure modes;
  • Viewing and printout of updated dose summary, with final measurements on dosimeters returned within 3 days of reception;
  • Online validation by a Qualified Expert and attribution of doses to exposed staff, with the possibility of amending and/or adding to data and keeping track of the amendments made;
  • production of documents for personal dosimetric sheets in authenticated PDF format;
  • Managing requests for changes to the list of dosimeters sent;
  • consultation of the section for each operator and/or environment equipped with dosimeter;
  • Search and print of list of detectors sent to each site and department;
  • Search and print of the list of detectors not yet returned for each site and department;
  • identification of month and year of return of each detector;
  • exportation of dosimetric data in multiple formats, with possibility of personalisation according to the software requirements used by the commissioning client structure;
  • Databank consultation from start of the contract by LBS.