Neutronic Dosimetry

LB Servizi is one of the very few dosimetry laboratories in Italy that can offer a dosimetric system to be used in environments where there is exposure to Neutronic Radiation.*

The thermal neutron dosimeter (LBSNT) has an outer layer, with suitable filter that differ between the part aimed towards the radiation field and the rear part, and two sensitive elements, respectively: an LiF   dosimeter(Mg, Cu, P)-GR200A and an LiF dosimeter (Mg, Cu, P)-GR207A.

LB Servizi can provide an accurate evaluation of thermal neutron exposure using state-of-the-art procedures and equipment.

The rapid Neutronic Radiation dosimeter’s  (LBSNV) sensitive material comprises an organic polymer of Poly Allyl Diglicol Carbonate (commercial code CR-39), placed on a 1mm-thick plastic support. Interaction between the neutronic radiation on the material produces loaded particles, alpha particles and recoil protons, which cause damage to the structure (tracks) along the path inside the polymer.

​A superficial chemical attack process provides visibility of the tracks using Digital scanners. Counting the tracks on the material after calibration allows the relevant sizes to be assessed.

​The dosimeters can also be used in multiple configuration, together with TL dosimeters for thermal neutronic radiation, inserted in the same configuration.

(*) Radiation not included in the field of application accredited by ACCREDIA


Exposure to Neutronic Radiation Assessment.


  • Exposure to Neutronic Radiation Assessment.
  • Characteristics
  • Automatic data reading and acquisition system;
  • Drastic reduction of incorrect dosage attribution risk;
  • High measurement sensitivity;
  • Negligible fading in one month;
  • Possibility to sterilise dosimeters according to techniques used;
  • Possibility of personalising the data carried on the identification labels;
  • For own dosimetry services for χ, β, γ radiation and thermal neutrons, LBS uses its own software and equipment, carrying out each process stage in its own laboratories.

Technical specifications

Name: LBSNT – Dosimeter for thermal neutrons
Sensitive materials: LiF(Mg, Cu, P)-GR200A / LiF(Mg, Cu, P)-GR207A
Front filtration: 1mm Al
Rear filtration: 1mm Cd
Minimal detectable dose: 30 µSv in reference conditions
Linear range: 10 µSv – 10 Sv


Name: LBSNT – Dosimeter for rapid neutrons
Sensitive materials: 1 element in CR-39 sized 25x25x1.5 mm
Filtration: No filtration – positioned in contact with 1mm ABS support
Minimum detectable dose: 70 µSv in reference conditions
Linear range: 0.1 – 20 mSv