Film Dosimetry

The film badge (LBSFB) provides an accurate evaluation of ionising radiation exposure, using state-of-the-art procedures and equipment.

The outer wrapping is thin, light, highly resistant and perfectly symmetrical. The sensitive material comprises two different films onto which two emulsions are deposited, with different sensitivity, all held in a light-resistant plastic wrapping. The sensitive surface is divided into five differently-filtered areas.

A complex algorithm is used to evaluate the exposure dose starting from the measurements of the blackened areas in the five parts with different filtering.


Evaluation of exposure to χ, β, γ and e ionising radiation.


  • It guarantees the permanence of the information over time
  • The calculation algorithm provides a reliable evaluation of the absorbed dose;
  • Each film is uniquely identified by a mechanically imprinted numerical code, that is only visible after development;
  • Possibility of personalising the data shown on the identification labels.

Technical specifications

  • Name: LBSFB
  • Sensitive material: AGFA Personal Monitoring Film (22MUO)
  • Minimum detectable dose: 40 µSv
  • Interval of use (dose): 40 µSv – 1 Sv
  • Interval of use (energy): #e : 1,75 – 5 MeV;
  • Photons: 10 KeV – 3 MeV

# Radiation not included in the field of application accredited by ACCREDIA