Cyclothrons and Linear Accelerators

Particle accelerators, that are linear or circular (cyclothrons) are used for the production of radiopharmaceuticals used in therapies or in diagnostics (PET and SPECT). The use of a particle accelerator is always connected to high ionising radiation fields, consequently it is necessary for the design of the shields and the procedures for using the machinery is assessed for both radioprotection optimisation and to minimise radioactive waste during the decommissioning stage.

With its Qualified Experts and specialised staff, LBS can provide

Full assistance during the plant and shield design phase, and the drafting of procedures for use, and also the creation of documentation required for the authorisation process.

Using a particle accelerator requires the activation of structural materials.

At the end of the accelerator’s life cycle, it is necessary to produce a Request for Deactivation that sets out the full management of the machine and structures. A plan that defines the site’s radiological status using MCNP or FLUKA simulations, plant radiological characterisation procedures, structure decontamination and radiological characterisation of the site after dismantling.

Thanks to our technicians’ high level of specialisation,

we can carry out Monte Carlo simulations to define a forecast of the activated material distribution and conduct the Radiological Characterisation service via in field gamma spectrometry, sample taking and radiochemical testing, and also the drafting of the required documentation for the authorisation process, including the Request for Dismantling.