Ionising radiation has a huge use in work environments, both medical (Radiography, CAT, PET) and the ones that use some industrial technology. The use, storage and disposal of unsealed radioactive substances may expose workers to a risk of external radiation and internal contamination.

Make sure that there are no risks or contamination leaks for workers and the environment.

For this purpose, L.B. Offers consultancy services

for design, aimed at meeting all required obligations for thestart up of management and closure of a radiology practice, whether linked to the production of radiopharmaceuticals, the management of a laboratory or nuclear medicine, and also the management of a radioactive source or waste.

LBS offers its skills and its specialists to guarantee the best consultancy service:

  • Correct distribution and arrangement of rooms;
  • An adequate choice of coating surfaces;
  • A suitable ventilation system;
  • Preparations of special equipment, including ventilated hoods, glove boxes, shields and radioactivity detectors;
  • Adequate solutions for the problem of managing and storing solid, liquid and gas waste;
  • Work procedures aimed at safely managing activities involving a radiological risk.