Expert in Medical Physics

LB Servizi has Experts in Medical Physics on its staff, Physics graduates who have a specialisation diploma in Healthcare Physics, that allows them to practice this profession.

The Expert in Medical Physics mainly carries out preventive assessments, optimisation and checks on doses issued in medical exposures, and quality control on radiological equipment.

Thanks to its full range of equipment and instruments,

its widespread presence throughout Italy and the presence of Qualified Experts and Experts in Medical Physics on its team, LB Servizi can:

  • assist the radiological system manager in undertaking suitable quality assurance programmes, including quality control and dose evaluation or patient-administered activity;
  • Carry out acceptance tests prior to the start-up of radiological equipment and also good working order tests at regular intervals and after any maintenance intervention;
  • Provide assistance in radiotherapy procedures, in vivo nuclear medicine activity and all other radiological practices where the intervention of an expert in medical physics is required;
  • Provide consultancy on exposure optimisation, including patient dosimetry, and on any problems connected with radioprotection linked to medical exposure.

Thanks to our professional approach, we have succeeded in forming partnership agreements

with the most important professional associations in the medical field, such as ANMVI, ANDI, Alcyon