Expert Safety Officer

LB Servizi has  Experts in Medical Physics, Physics graduates who hold a specialisation diploma in Healthcare Physics, who have gained proven experience in the field of prevention and protection for the working order of Magnetic Resonance diagnostic equipment.

The Expert Safety Officer for the MR site is the figure in charge of all the aspects related to the prevention and protection of the MR site, for guaranteeing technical-physical safety conditions.


The Expert Safety Officer’s responsibilities, set out at point E1) of Annex I D.M. 14/01/2021, are:

  • Approves the final projet for the purpose of complying with the safety requirements set out in these Standards;
  • Ensure the verification of the correspondence between the completed project and approved one;
  • At the end of the work, acquires a copy of the declarations of compliance with the rules of the art or with the relevant standards of good practice of the systems and safety devices installed
  • Acquires a copy of the documentation issued by supplier/ manufacturer / installer proving the correct installation and funcionality of the MRI EQUIPMENT;
  • Perfom a risk analysis within the RM SITE;
  • Identifies the path of the cryogens to reach the RM SITO from the place of arrival of the supply;
  • Prepares the procedures to be followed in the event of an emergency:
  • Ensures periodic verification of the continuing correct functioning of safety devices and accessory systems;
  • Elaborates the internal safety rules regarding risk managment;
  • Ensure the LABELING of medical devices and removable equipment present within the RM SITE;
  • Develop the quality assurance program for physical aspects;
  • Garantees the periodic execution of quality controls:
  • Ensures periodic checks of the shielding effectiveness of the Faraday cage;
  • Perform physical surveillance of the enviroment;
  • Report to the employer, or its delegates, accidents and near misses related to the technologies within the RM SITE.

For the regular check on endurance of plant's technical characteristics,

an action plan is drawn up that provides for the evaluation and verification of the following devices and systems:

  • Distribution of isomagnetic lines in relation to the definition of limited access area and buffer zones;
  • Attenuation of the Faraday cage for checking radiofrequency shielding efficiency;
  • Imaging controls, to ensure MR equipment quality.

In the case of a superconducting magnet:

  • Oxygen percentage in magnet room detection system;
  • Ventilation system under normal and emergency conditions to evaluate the correct number of air changes per hour, in order to constantly guarantee safety, even in the event of an emergency caused by the leak of gases produced by the cryogenic liquids.

Thanks to its full range of equipment and instruments and the presence of Experts in Medical Physics on its staff, the LB Servizi Experts can carry out all the Safety Officer Expert tasks as set out at point E1) of Annex I to the Ministerial Decree 14/01/2021, and carry out the full check on endurance of plant’s technical characteristics,