Quality control of X-ray equipment

Thanks to its highly qualified staff on its team (Qualified Experts and Experts in Medical Physics), LBS can provide a quality control service for radiological equipment.

These controls have a dual purpose

  • Keeping patient exposure to the lowest level possible, compatibly with the ability to obtain the required diagnostic information (art. 4 Min. Decree 14.02.97 amended by the Ministerial Decree 29.12.97);
  • Keeping operator exposure to the lowest, reasonably obtainable level (Leg. Decree 230/95 as amended).

Thanks to its range of instruments and the presence of Qualified Experts and Experts in Medical Physics on its team, LB Servizi can carry out:

  • Acceptance checks on new radiological equipment, checking that they correspond to purchase specifications and that they satisfy radiological equipment acceptability criteria (Annex V to Leg. Decree 187/2000);
  • Routine and status checks to verify that minimum quality levels have been maintained;
  • Quality monitoring, checking good working order and performance on radiological systems following scheduled check programmes.
  • Checks on reference diagnostic levels, preparation of dose evaluation programmes and dosimetric assessments for standard radiological tests (Annex II to Leg. Decree 187/2000);
  • Drafting of quality manuals containing test methods with reference to the specific operational situations and instrumentation provided, with an indication of the operators’ responsibilities and tasks.


Thanks to our professional approach, we have succeeded in forming partnership agreements

with the most important professional associations in the medical field, such as ANMVI, ANDI, Alcyon