Expert in radiation protection

LB Servizi has Level 3 authorised Qualified Radioprotection Experts on its staff.

The Qualified Expert is the person with the knowledge and training required to carry out physical, technical or radiotoxicological measurements, tests, checks or assessments, to ensure the good working order of protection devices and to provide all other indications and formulate provisions that will guarantee physical surveillance for the protection of both workers and the population.

The expert’s qualification is recognised through the procedures set out in Leg. Decree 101/2020 as amended.

LBS Esperts in Radiation Protection can

carry out Physical Surveillance, in the presence of:

  • Sources comprising radiological equipment that accelerates electrons with maximum voltage applied to the tube, below 400 kV;
  • Sources comprising radiogenic machines with accelerated electron energy of 400 keV – 10 MeV, and radioactive material, including neutron sources, with an average production over time, on all the solid angle of maximum 104 neutrons/second;
  • Nuclear power plants, nuclear research plants, nuclear plants for the treatment of irradiated fuel, and other sources of radiation not included in the points above.

Thanks to its full range of instruments and equipments and the integration of laboratory services, LB Servizi can provide assistance to any organisation that needs to use any type of ionising radiation source or that must employ its own staff on site where there is a risk of exposure to ionising radiation.