Radon Dosimetry Puglia

Reduction of exposure to natural radioactivity coming from radon gas in closed environment.


Regional Law no. 30 3 November 2016

“Legislation regarding the reduction of exposure to natural radioactivity deriving from radon gas in a closed environment”, as amended by article 25 of Regional Law 36/2017 of 09/08/2017 (BURP no. 96 of 11/08/2017), orders the measurement of Radon in all areas open to the public, regardless of their location, throughout the region.

For strategic buildings

Pursuant to Min Decree 14.01.2008 and those allocated for the purpose of providing teaching, including nurseries and pre-school, the reference limit for indoor radon gas concentrations and in all rooms in the said building cannot exceed 300 Bq/m3, measured using passive instrumentation.


For basements, lower floors and ground floors

of the buildings as specified above, that are open to the public, excluding residential buildings and isolated technical rooms used for network systems, the upper limit for radon gas concentrations in indoor environments cannot exceed 300/Bq/m3, measured using passive instrumentation. Ground floor rooms measuring no more than 20 m2 are exempted from the measurement obligations, unless due to a structural connection with other other rooms, they do not exceed the size limit as provided for exemption, on the condition they have adequate ventilation.

Measurements are taken

using passive instrumentation, i.e. ready-to-use CR-39 nuclear track detectors; the devices must be removed from the shipment pack and positioned at a height of 1 to 3 metres, in an area that is a distance from heat sources and drafts. It will be determined as an average concentration value over an annual period divided into two halves, spring-summer and autumn-winter.


On conclusion of measurement

we will send a communication within one month of concluding the measurement to the town council involved and to ARPA Puglia.

​ShouldShould measurements not be sent within eighteen months of the date on which the regional law comes into effect,  the town council will order the transmission of the measurements taken, permitting a maximum time of thirty days, which if surpassed without compliance will lead to the suspension of the certification of safety compliance by legal order.